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Our community is full of skilled people in different fields. Please contact us if you have skills that can help our community.

Notre communauté est pleine de personnes compétentes dans différentes branches. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des compétences qui peuvent aider notre communauté.

Hairstyle / Coiffure


Contact: +49 (0) 17674706512

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Cosmetic Products

Nintcheu Bio Beauty

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Food/ Nourriture


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Croquttes et Beignets soufflés


Inoride Mika

Hello, I am Inoride Mika. Author of the book "I am Bi" and several short posts. Through my writings, I have a deep desire to share with you my love for reading and inspirational writing. So let us be inspired 🙂 I always wrote little notes that had no follow up and no place in the light. I used to write without seriousness, just with passion. Then one day under a bridge, I wrote my first inspired text. God was clearly telling me that day that I should take writing seriously.

Leticia Bouguem

I am Leticia Bouguem, a singer from Cameroon, daughter of Africa and citizen of the world. I live in Germany since 2013 and had already besides my studies at the Philipps University of Marburg as a singer with my live band in various cultural events and African festivals auditioned. Since a few years I have developed more and more professionally and produced my own songs. My mission as a singer/musician is: To provide bridge to other people and cultures through music and art.


Melchi Vepouyoum is a Cameroonian musician who has been living in Bonn for several years. He writes and sings in his native language, Bamoun, in English, French and Camfranglais (a mixture of English and French). In his songs Melchi tells about his childhood experiences in his parents' village and his youth in the big city. At the same time, he describes the current social realities of his native country .... To know more about the artist


ASAMOR is a German based Cameroonian musician that God in his infinite image created and planted in Fontem, Lebialem Division, South West. Like many of the royals in the Bangwa Kingdom known to be great performers, Prince Asamor was born with music in his DNA and has already bank 15 years in the Show Biz industry.... To know mor about the artist visit:


Claude Automotive Expertise

Contact: +49 (0) 1630120007

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Logistics import/export

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